WFPRHA Outreach Sept 11, 2009

Present: Jackie Bodden-Chair, Sue Kettner, Frances Irwin, Anne Cirilli, Larissa Vavricka

The committee reviewed a mock up of the WFPRHA Website.  Comments were made about the picture on the site.  Everyone was pleased with the site construction.  The home page picture can be changed to a rotating picture depicting different clients who would use our services including older women, men.  People of color and same sex couples.    Also a resource tab will be added.

  • Larissa will look for a variety to rotate on the page and the committee members should forward any picture suggestions to her that they know can be used for free

Larissa was given info on the username and password for the domain names.  It is unsure whether we have a web host.

  • Frances will check with Ruth to see if we have paid for a web host and will get info on sites and costs that they are using and are pleased with.  Larissa will also forward info on the sites that she has used and been happy with.  The committee will then need to make a recommendation to bring to the board for approval.

There is an email contact for the website.

  • The WFPRHA board will need to decide who should be the website contact and whether this will be voluntary or paid.
  • The WFPRHA Board will also need to decide who should be notified for our site licensing renewal.  Frances will check with Ruth to see if she has authorization.

We discussed the purpose and content of the members only section.  Member only resources could be posted here.   Committee minutes and WFPRHA meeting minutes and announcements could be posted.  We are going to check on the cost of a discussion board but feel this may be too costly and would continue a link to Google groups and utilize HCET list.

  • We will send a form around to the membership at the September meeting requesting suggestions for additions to the site and member only sections
  • The sample front page will be shown at the September membership meeting in Steven’s Point.

Next meeting date is set for Friday, October 9th at 10:30 am by phone.

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