FPHS Presents at the International Consortium on Emergency Contraception in New York City

FPHS staff recently presented at the annual meeting of the International Consortium on Emergency Contraception (ICEC) in New York City. The consortium brings together scientists, providers, researchers and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world on a yearly basis to review new research and information on Emergency Contraception (EC). FPHS Executive Director, Lon Newman, and a team made up of Frances Irwin, Sue Kettner and Dino Corvino, reported on the success of Wisconsin’s EC Hotline (866-EC-FIRST or 866-323-4778). In ease and ability to deliver EC to women in need, it appears Wisconsin is leading the way in the US. There was a great deal of interest in the process utilized by FPHS.

Among the group of nearly 100 individuals attending the 2 day event, were representatives from Australia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, and Ghana as well as many from around the US. Individuals shared the current state of EC provision in their particular regions. Updated research was presented detailing safety of the drug Levonorgesterel, which is a synthetic progestin, and the primary ingredient in EC used by FPHS. The large amount of research presented identified the extraordinary safety of Levonorgesterel for EC. Additional data on the efficacy of the medication was reviewed. New products that may become available in the next several years were introduced.

FPHS staff spoke on the marketing and distribution techniques FPHS employs to educate communities and provide the medication to those in need. The current focus is on locating lock boxes in communities all across the state to provide access to those in need in Wisconsin’s urban and rural areas. In addition to the EC Hotline, FPHS maintains the web site www.ezec.org. Family Planning Health Services, Inc is a private, professional, non-profit maternal and child health care provider in central Wisconsin. The agency provides reproductive health care and WIC (Women Infants and Children) nutrition services. Reproductive health clinics provide voluntary reversible family planning methods and information on planning for healthy pregnancies. The WIC program educates and provides families with healthy foods and sound nutritional information.

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