As organizations dedicated to serving the communities we live and work in, we’re invested in doing what we can to improve everyone’s health and well being.  We want to help local business to make the most of what we have to offer.

How can family planning clinics help me?

High-Quality Health Care at a Low-Cost

Your local family planning clinic is often able to provide reproductive health services at a fraction of the cost of other providers in the community.  For companies with younger workers or with a large number of female workers, utilization of our services can help your employees to maximize their health care options while reducing their overall expenditures on family planning and reproductive health care.

Access to FREE health benefits for those who qualify

Wisconsin’s Family Planning Waiver provides free reproductive health care to those who qualify.  Most part-time employees and students in Wisconsin qualify for this program.  The best part of this program is it is free for everyone – your company and your employees.  For employees who don’t qualify for the program, family planning clinics can offer the discounts based on their income.  These discounts are available to everyone who comes to our clinics who do not qualify for programs or who do not have health insurance.  Unlike other health care providers, we’re able to offer discounts without passing the cost on to other programs or patients with insurance because we receive grants to cover the cost of the discounts.

Employee Satisfaction

We all know how hard it is to afford health care these days.  Working with your local family planning clinic to help them get as much health care as possible will tell them that you value their health and wellness.  It will also help them to improve and/or maintain their health.

For more information

If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity or working with your local family planning clinic, please contact Frances at 1-800-246-5743 ext. 331.


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