Reproductive Health Care Services

Although Family Planning Clinics across the state of Wisconsin will vary to some degree the following services would be available at any of our member clinics:

  • Pregnancy testing with all options counseling and referrals
  • Pregnancy Planning
    • Emergency contraception (Plan B ™) after sex with no birth control and “in advance” to promote  immediate access
    • Contraceptive (birth control) methods which could include:
      • the pill  ( monophasic and triphasic combined pills, and progestin only pills)
      • the patch (OrthoEvra ™),
      • the ring (Nuvaring ™) ,
      • IUD (ParaGard ™ IUD and Mirena ™ IUS)
      • the shot (Depoprovera ™)
      • under the skin/the rod (Implanon ™)
      • Cervical caps and diaphragms
      • Natural family planning
      • Condoms

        To view birth control methods visit ARHP’s Method Match.

    • STD (sexually transmitted disease) protection including condoms and dental dams
    • Health Care exams which could include:
      • Breast and cervical cancer screening
      • STD testing and treatment for males and females
      • Rapid HIV testing (same day results) for males and females
      • Screening for common vaginal or bladder concerns
    • Referrals to medical providers


Some family planning clinics may also provide these services:

  • Health Education counseling including sexuality, abstinence, relationships, tobacco cessation and lifestyle risk reduction
  • Screening for domestic abuse, alcohol and recreational drug abuse and other mental health concerns
  • Perimenopausal and Menopausal management of women
  • Sexual Assault screening, exams and referrals
  • Colposcopy services for follow up of abnormal pap smears
  • Infertility information and referrals
  • Pregnancy termination
  • Primary health care for minor health problems